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Name:N'tho 'Sraom
DISCLAIMER: This is basically an ancient pseudo oc from a time when the character had no speaking part or anything, and I haven't cleaned up anything since then. He's since been written about in a novel I haven't gotten around to reading, but I still have this journal and liked what I did with him soooooo...

Halo 3 from N'tho's Perspective

How tall N'tho is
N'tho 'Sraom is a very minor character in Halo canon, but his background is pretty easy to extrapolate because of his sheer averageness.

He has no speaking part, but he's one of the two playable characters added in Halo 3 for members of a 4-player co-op party. As the co-op party is not fully canon for the whole game, he was only along for a few missions where other Elites were canonically present. He's a fairly typical young Sangheili ("Elite") warrior, and has very recently been screwed over by politicians/much of his religion.

He also gave the UNSC important intel about the Brute Chopper.

And he has a bad right eye. That or it's a game glitch in the animation of said, but I'm running with it.

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